Brairpatch Hunting Preserve
The Moore family, Jenni, Bobby and Jennifer
Operated by:

Bobby and Jenni Moore
Rt. 2 Box 180
Browns, Alabama 36759


October 1 - March 31

Division of Moore Game Bird Farm

Bobby Moore of Brierpatch Huntding Preserve

Briarpatch Hunting Preserve is located 10 miles south of Marion, Perry County, on the Blackbelt Prairie in west-central Alabama.

Guided quail hunts are given from October 1 to March 31. If you do not have your own dogs do not worry, we will supply dogs and a guide.
Briarpatch hunt
Briarpatch hunt on the Blackbelt Prairie
All of the birds used on the preserve are raised in fight pens of fifty by one hundred and fifty feet. These pens are supplied with plenty of cover to insure that the birds can adapt to the outside environment, making for an excellent flight bird to hunt.
Hunters at the ready
Anchor Covey Release Systems are used on the hunting preserve, and also placed in the flight pens, insuring the birds are familiar with the system. We have used this system for eight seasons now and are very pleased with the results.
Dogs on point
Priarpatch hunters
We offer half day hunts for $175.00 which includes 12 birds. Additional birds are $7.00 each and cleaning is extra. Morning hunts start at 8:00 AM and afternoon hunts start around 1:30 PM CST.
Hunters flushing the quail
Dog on point
Bobby and Jen, "My father, both my sons, my daughter, and I have been hunting with you folks for the past 5 years. I think this year was the best yet. The two Korean gentlemen from Hyundai in Montgomery that I brought over this year had a wonderful time. They had never hunted quail before and were amazed at the way your dogs worked the birds. Thanks a lot for the good times and good memories." Randy Festavan, Cahaba Maintenance & Construction, Inc.
Briarpatch hunters
Hunters flushing quail
Briarpatch hunters
Chad Wilson and Wei Chiang of Seattle, Washington, enjoyed a cold bu fun hunt
Wei Chiang readies for the covey rise
Chad Wilson of Mobile and Wei Chiang of Seattle enjoyed a cold but fun hunt.
Briarpatch hunters
Jennifer Moore (Judson College biology major) working the hunt
Jennifer Moore, a Judson College biology major, works the hunts and helps with the gamebird farm.
Briarpatch Preserve has no sleeping accommodations but Marion (10 miles) and Selma (20 miles) have numerous motels and bed-and-breakfast places.

Briarpatch hunters receive a discount both for hunting and for accommodations when staying at the Donavan Inn in Marion.
Donavan Inn
Hunters at Briarpatch may rent the Donavan Inn for a $100 discount (two nights for $500; maximum of six people; $50/additional person). When staying at the Inn, half-day hunts are $165/hunter.

Guests at the Donavan Inn have access to 9 outstanding fishing lakes of the Donavan Lakes Fishing Club which includes 17 fishing piers.
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